A page for some photos to keep, some notes to expand.
Pictures taken during night walks, or travels. Views from a window, an urban street,
or under a Mediterranean sky. Where it's nice to stop, to open the arms and breathe...

Reading now (May 2023): Julio Cortázar, Componibile 62

"Back to the Cyclades", a Photo Essay on Private Magazine

What about Photography and Writing?
«I believe that having a photographic sight helps to find accuracy and synthesis
also in writing. Writing for its part helps photography to go beyond appearance,
to ask questions and to pierce the surface.

I use to write and I like good literature, in general. Some books in some moments of life
are able to move the way we see and live objects and spaces».

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● Two ladies, two italian writers: "Changing between the lines" ● Sand, Shock & a Labyrinth.
An article on Contemporary Desire for BMM Magazine

Since 2001 I've published over 200 articles in several magazines,
especially focused on urban life, culture, and architecture / design.

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::: Photo-Roulette

A daily random photo from 2008 - 2023:

(Low-res photo taken with a "vintage" VGA Camera : )

Last update: May 23, 2023

La grande stagione (The great season) Castelvecchi Publisher, Rome

  A novel that is a tribute to the towns,
to youth, and also to music.
(Cristina Cantiani, Read and Play)

Immerse yourself in the somptuous playlist (3 h 51 min)
created by Cristina Cantiani of Read and Play,
with the music that the protagonist listens to in the novel...

::: May 2023, Bruxelles

bruxelles rue luxembourg european parliament district contemporary photography

::: March 2023, Athens, view from the Acropolis and Monastiráki by night (Kodak film)

athens panoramic view from the acropolis with clouds and blue sky athens monastiráki by night contemporary photography

::: January 2023, Paris

paris by night paris la nuit parisienne

::: December 2022, Lido di Pomposa, Adriatic Sea

Adriatic sea on winter, Lido di Pomposa, A contemporary photography projet

::: October 2022, Lindos

lindos, Rhodes, a small town loved also by David Gilmour and Pink Floyd

::: October 2022, Paris (Kodak film)

paris urban contemporary photography parvis du centre pompidou

::: September 2022, Paris (Kodak film)

paris urban contemporary photography

::: August 2022

summer drought contemporary photography

::: July 2022

summer storms lightings

::: June 2022, Paris (Kodak film)

paris 19eme parc de la villette photographie contemporaine photographie contemporaine italienne paris 10ème arrondissement

::: May 2022, Mediterranean

mediterranean sea on a clear day walking and discovering liguria, beaches and sea

::: April 2022 (Kodak film)

april in paris jardins arbres

::: March 2022 (Kodak film)

paris seine walking on paris on spring

::: December

mediterranean sea container ship cargo ships by night

::: December

italian riviera mediterranean full moon on the sea, contemporary italian photography

::: November

mediterranean sea by night landscape contemporary photography

::: September, Paris (Kodak film)

lumière de septembre jardins pelouses

::: August

mediterranean coast august storm

::: June (Kodak film)

june in paris trees leaves and sky

::: May

may trees and nature different green tones

::: April

murales street art camionette graffiti

::: February 2021

trees and branches of forest and undergrowth in february

::: December

landscape at dawn

::: November

emerging italian contemporary photography paolo ruggiero wall and paper

::: September

minimarket indoor italian contemporary photography, film photography

::: August

mediterranean sea by night with stars

::: July

mediterranean photo by paolo ruggiero

::: June, Paris

town trees on june

::: May

town trees on may

::: February 2020, Liguria

stormy sky over the sea moonlight blue sea on italy

::: December, Adriatic

night photography architectures milano marittima night photography architectures cervia

::: October

night photography driving highway

::: August, Riviera di Ponente

cinque terre beach fishers boats cinque terre italy blue sea beaches cinque terre liguria sea transparent water beaches the italian spritz aperol night town roofs kind of blue velvet

::: July, Mediterranean

solitary boat in the mediterranean sea


skyscraper like a dream

::: June 2019, Le Bourget

airbus a380 june 2019 le bourget salon siae paris

::: May

may clouds and blue sky


contemporary urban landscapes, demolition

::: April, Cervia, Adriatic Coast

cervia adriatic coast beach by night april stormy sky

::: March 2019, Mediterranean

mediterranean sea sunlight bright light over mediterranean sea mediterranean sea lije tsunami waves italian contemporary photography seascapes

::: December 2018, Adriatic Night

adriatic sea on winter by night adriatic night italian contemporary photography lmndscapes ravenna industrial district by night like in deserto rosso by antonioni december sky adriatic resort on winter

::: November

blue and orange wall blue and gray wall

::: October

seagull flying between the clouds clean sky after the storm

::: September 2018, Paris (Kodak film)

urban nights old reflex film photo

::: August 2018

forest on summer evening

::: August

forest on summer evening

::: July

forest on summer evening

::: July

moon and summer sky

::: June 2018

a night in the mediterranean sea

::: June, Mediterranean

a night in the mediterranean sea

::: June

mediterranean sea by night

::: May

june sky and moon

::: April, an afternoon

may sky and planes

::: March, Cold Blue

::: February

trees branches on winter

::: January, North-East, driving on the morning...

north east italy highway on winter

::: Highway, December 2017...

swallows in italy on winter

::: Liguria, North-West Italy, testing a new film camera, Autumn 2017

buildings and architectures in liguria

::: North-East Italy, A nocturne landascape, May 1998, restored on 10/2017

a truck by night, a contemporary photo

::: End of August 2017, Liguria. After a long swim (Photo by my brother)

paolo ruggiero photographe

::: July 2017

a cup of coffee, a fan and a telephone

::: Blue, June 2017

blue and black moon

::: Blue, May 2017

blue sky and white clouds on may

::: April 2017, Adriatic

adriatic sea paolo ruggiero

::: March 2017

april blue sky

::: February 2017

underground dark parking

::: January 2017

january sky

::: Moleskine, a film photo, November 2016

a moleskine on a bookshelf

::: October 2016

october blue sky

::: August 2016 - Mediterranean horizons, Baleares

mediterranean-turquoise-sea mediterranean-baleares-sea-beach transparent-sea-mediterranean mediterranean-camin-alocs mediterranean on july mediterranean lunar landscape mediterranean rocks baleares islands

::: July 2016, South-West Landscapes, France

france atlantic ocean and sky

::: June 2016, North-East Landscapes

italian riviera ligure di ponente riviera ligure ponente, Italy

::: May 2016

country skies on may

::: Riccione, Adriatic Coast, April

riccione adriatic coast, abandoned hotel

::: Blue, April 2016

blue and green water

::: March 2016

march, darkness in the room

::: February 2016

March, spring light and window

::: January 2016, Liguria, highway

liguria, highway Genova Colombo airport

::: December 2015

blue sea liguria italy

::: August 2015

sea sunlight

::: July 2015

wild sea on summer

::: Blue, July 2015

blue sea landscape, july

::: London, Docklands, June 2015

London docklands

::: London, Canary Wharf, June 2015

London, Canary Wharf

::: Blue, Liguria, Riviera di Ponente, May 2015

liguria, riviera di ponente, passeggiata

::: Lignano Pineta beach, April 2015

lignano pineta by night

::: Jesolo, April 2015

jesolo pineta by night

::: March 2015

contemporary photo - 4x4 - paolo ruggiero

::: March 2015

driving in the highway, March 2015

::: Blue, South Italy, March

blue sky, Amalfi, South Italy

::: Caorle (Venice), December 2014

winter sea photos - caorle (venice)

::: Blue, October 2014

Blue Wall

::: Naoussa Paros, Greece, August 2014

Naoussa Paros, Greece, by Night

::: August

the space view from my room

::: In my room, July 2014

Books in my room

::: Liguria, Italy, July 2014

Liguria, the sea in the gulf

Liguria, view from the sea in the gulf

::: Rome, March 2014

Rome, Via Veneto 2014

::: Blue, January 2014

Blue sky, January 2014

::: San Francisco, September 2013

San Francisco - Skyline

::: Self portrait, September 2013

Self portrait in californian beach

::: In front of Googleplex, September 2013

In front of googleplex, mountain view

::: Mediterranean, August 2013

mediterranean view, near marseilles, fujifilm

::: Blue, May-June 2013

mediterranean sea near amalfi, fujifilm

mediterranean blue sky on summer

::: Guitar playing, July

playing guitar bateau lavoir

::: Blue. Mediterranean sea, April-May 2012

mediterranean sea military plane over the sea maiorca island

birds flying between planes on a blue sky

::: London, April 2012

London, mars 2012

London on march tour with bus double decker

::: Blue. December 2011

Liguria, view from the sea in the gulf

::: September 2011

my bookshelf, a sunday morning

a private bookshelf with books and music

::: August 2011

Cassis. Is not far from that falaise on the left that Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
	died in the morning of july 31 1944, while he was flying with is P-38 Lightning.

Cassis. Is not far from that "falaise" on the left that Antoine de Saint-Exupery died in the morning of July 31 1944, while he was flying with his P-38 Lightning.

Marseille, France. On the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse (Le Corbusier, 1952)


On the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse

Marseille, France. From the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse by Le Corbusier


From the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse

::: February 2011

Liguria, view from the sea in the gulf

view from a plane over mediterranean

::: August 2010, Genova

Liguria, Italy. Near the port of Genova, carrugi

::: May 2010

near kremlin bicetre

::: Bologna (Italy)

bologna by night, september 2009

bologna, september 2009, town center street

::: September 2006
View from the flat in Fondazza street
where I lived from 2002 to 2007

bologna via fondazza near the house of Giorgio Morandi

::: Bologna, Fiera District

bologna, january 2000, fiera district

::: Istanbul, anatolian side, July 2009

istanbul, anatolian side, july 2009

::: Near Amsterdam Schiphol, June 2009

Near Amsterdam Schiphol, june 2009

::: Paris, june 2009

Paris, a girl walking, june 2009

::: Barcelona, June 2009

Barcelona, morning, june 2009

::: Madrid, June 2009

Madrid, june 2009

::: Highway from Palermo to Catania (Sicily)
May 2009

Highway from Palermo to Catania (Sicily), may 2009

::: Capaci (Palermo, Sicily)

Capaci (Palermo), Sicily, may 2009

::: Bucarest, February 2009

Bucarest, february 2009

::: Prague, September 2008

Prague, girls walking september 2008

::: Bologna, Kebab, September 2008

bologna: mangia kebab take away

::: Summer 2008

a summer shot in the forest

::: Marseilles, August 2008

like a plane over marseille

Marseille august 2008

marseilles, summer 2008, il cielo del porto vecchio

::: Lubiana, July 2008

Lubiana on july 2008

Shooting photos along the Ljubljanica river.

taking photos in liubljana

::: Bordeaux, April 2008

Bordeaux aprile 2008

19eme arrondissement bassin

::: Sofia, March 2008

sofia, a women town

::: Liguria, a beach near Genova, end of August 2007

Liguria Riviera du ponant

::: Zakynthos Island, August 2007

Zakynthos island, august 2007

::: London, 2006

Londra, un negozio di dischi


::: Formentera, going to Cap Barbaria, Summer 2005

Formentera, estate 2005

::: Driving to Nice, Provence

verso Nizza, Costa Azzurra

::: Rome, "La notte bianca" (The white night), September 18, 2004

Rome, The white night, september 2004

::: Atlantic Ocean, Sagres (Portugal), August 2004

Atlantic Ocean, Sagres, Portugal, august 2004

::: Lyon, France, May 2004

Lyon, France, may 2004

::: Bologna, a view from Asinelli Tower, May 2004

Bologna, a view from Asinelli Tower, may 2004

::: Tunisi, a view from Diplomat Hotel, January 2004

Tunisi, january 2004, view from the diplomat hotel

::: Tozeur, entrance to the Sahara Desert, January 2004

Tozeur, entrance of Sahara desert, january 2004