Photocolor. Urban and Landscapes

A selection of photos taken since 1995.

From Bologna to Manhattan.

Paris to Rome. The Urban landscapes. The Highways. The Italian Coasts.



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New York, Fifth Avenue Model    New York, Manhattan, a rainy day    New York, Manhattan by car    Manhattan, traffic jams    Marseille, Mediterranean sea    Spain Ocean horizons    Between France and Spain, Ocean Coast 





  North East Italy, highways    Nord Est Italy, night architectures    North-East Italy, night plane    North-East Italy, insects near a lamp    Near the sea, North Italy    North Italy, near the sea    Palma de Maiorca sea landscape  





  aerobatic-paintings-small    artificial-cloud-small    ocean-rising-small    mediterranean-marseilles-smal    mar-ligure-meditation-small    biarritz-helicopter-platform-small    Bratislava, palazzi e grattacieli  





  Biarritz, beach and surf    Lisbona, Fair district and river    Cascais, beach surf    Tagliamento river, Friuli, Italy    Liguria, Riviera di Ponente    Bologna, via del Pratello    Bratislava, palazzi e grattacieli  





Francia, cantieri e palazzi in costruzione    Marsiglia, luna park    Giardinetto francese visto dall'alto    Centrale nucleare di Saint Laurent des Eaux    Bratislava, buildings and skyscrapers    France, building creation    Marseille, luna park 





A French little garden    France, nuclear central    italian roads, pontebbana    Lunar landscapes dark holes    Old oil platform    chantiers beton après la défense, paris    naples gulf, sea at amalfi





paris défense, chantier comme ouvres d'art    Minorca, near the airport    Marrakesh, paysage urbain, urban landscape    french highways by night, autoroute francaise    photo as art, coloured lines by night    Jardin de Majorelle Marrakesh    Biarritz Cote des Basques 





 Biarritz, girls on the beach    London Canary Wharf buildings    London Docklands landscapes    Milan Porta Nuova new architectures    Italian highways bridges    Abandoned Airport, Greece    Cyclades, nocturne sailing   





 Athens, Parthenon sunrise panoramic view    Frioul Archipel - Ratonneau Island    Blue in green tropical fish    France Ocean Coast    Marseille, Calanques    San Francisco CA, a desert street    Monterey CA, a desert landscape   





 Driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles    Santa Monica beach, Los Angeles    Driving in Los Angeles CA    Los Angeles, view from the Griffit Park    Venice Beach, Los Angeles CA    Malibu Beach evening    France, summer asphalt   





 France, driving in Provence    Minorca palms and roads    mar ligure small    bayonne beaches small    biarritz ocean swimming small    minorca wild landscapes small    minorca lunar landscapes small    









It is fascinating to observe

how the look that we hold on things

changes over time,


and with it the way of photographing,

and telling stories.


The view, and with it the photos, the narration,

perhaps becomes more complex.


But at the same time, simpler, transparent.

Sharper, and what is important: more essential.







Bologna, Paris, New York,

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Marseilles, Ratonneau Island, 

Cascais, Lisbon, Munich,

Palma de Mallorca, Menorca

Rome, Milan, London,

North-East Italy (various places), Provence-France, Marrakech, Bratislava, Biarritz, Bayonne,

Riviera Ligure di Ponente,

Venice beach,

Malibu beach,




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