Remains. A page for a variable note

A few snapshots.

A text message that stays for a while.

Or some notes from walks and journeys.






     > A Photo Essay on C41 Magazine


paolo ruggiero photo essay c41 magazine





    > "Back to the Cyclades", a Photo Essay on Private Magazine


paolo ruggiero photo essay private magazine







    > Two ladies, two italian writers: "Changing between the lines"



    > SAND, SHOCK AND A LABYRINTH. An article for BMM Magazine




Since 2001 I've published more than 200 articles in several magazines,

especially focused on urban life, culture, and architecture/design.


> A selection of articles and interviews









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Reading now (March 2020): Régis Jauffret, Microfictions









::: Photo-Roulette


A daily random photo from 2008 - 2020:

(Low-res photo taken with a "vintage" VGA Camera : )


Last update: March 24, 2020








::: February, Liguria

liguria stormy weather sky and sea



exploring region liguria sea at piani ivrea





::: December, Adriatic

Adriatic Coast, winter, night architectures in front of the beach



adriatic coast, empty hotels on winter by night





::: October

highway by night





::: August

mediterranean small fisher's boats



mediterranean rocks and cliffs



mediterranean beach, girls and cliffs



spritz aperol contemporary photography





urban summer sky

blue summer night kind of blue






::: July, Mediterranean

solitary boat in the mediterranean sea




skyscraper like a dream






::: June

airbus a380 june 2019






::: May

may clouds and blue sky



contemporary urban landscapes, demolition






::: April, Cervia, Adriatic Coast

cervia adriatic coast beach by night



april stormy sky






::: March, Mediterranean

mediterranean sea sunlight


bright light over mediterranean sea



mediterranean sea lije tsunami waves





::: December, Adriatic Night

adriatic sea on winter by night



adriatic night photography



ravenna industrial district by night





::: December

december sky



adriatic resort on winter





::: November

blue and orange wall



blue and gray wall





::: October

seagull flying between the clouds



clean sky after the storm





::: September 2018

urban nights old reflex film photo





::: August 2018

forest on summer evening





::: August

forest on summer evening





::: July

forest on summer evening





::: July

moon and summer sky





::: June 2018

a night in the mediterranean sea





::: June, Mediterranean

mediterranean sea by night





::: May

june sky and moon





::: May

may sky and planes





::: April, an afternoon





::: March, Cold Blue




::: February

trees branches on winter





::: January, North-East, driving on the morning...





::: Highway, December 2017





::: Liguria, North-West Italy, testing a new film camera, Autumn 2017





::: North-East Italy, A nocturne landascape, May 1998, restored on 10/2017





::: End of August 2017, Liguria. After a long swim (Photo by my brother)





::: August 2017





::: July 2017




::: Blue, June 2017

blue and black moon




::: Blue, May 2017

blue sky and white clouds on may




::: April 2017, Adriatic

adriatic sea paolo ruggiero




::: March 2017

april blue sky




::: February 2017

underground dark parking




 ::: January 2017

january sky




::: Moleskine, a film photo, November 2016

a moleskine on a bookshelf





::: October 2016

october blue sky





::: August 2016 - Mediterranean Landscapes





















mediterranean on july





mediterranean lunar landscape










::: July 2016, South-West Landscapes





::: June 2016, North-East Landscapes

italian riviera ligure di ponente



riviera ligure ponente, Italy



::: May 2016



::: Riccione, Adriatic Coast, April

riccione adriatic coast, abandoned hotel

From "Aftersummer", an exploration of Adriatic sea resorts



::: Blue, April 2016

blue and green water



::: March 2016

march, darkness in the room



::: February 2016

March, spring light and window



::: January 2016, Liguria, highway

liguria, highway Genova Colombo airport



::: December 2015

blue sea liguria italy



::: August 2015

sea sunlight



::: July 2015

wild sea on summer



::: Blue, July 2015

blue sea landscape, july



::: London, Docklands, June 2015

London docklands



::: London, Canary Wharf, June 2015

London, Canary Wharf



::: Blue, Liguria, Riviera di Ponente, May

liguria, riviera di ponente, passeggiata



::: Lignano Pineta, April 2015

lignano pineta by night



::: Jesolo, April 2015

jesolo pineta by night




::: March 2015

contemporary photo - 4x4 - paolo ruggiero




::: March 2015

driving in the highway, March 2015



::: Blue, South Italy, March

blue sky, Amalfi, South Italy




::: Naoussa Paros, Greece, August 2014 - See more photos here: BACK TO THE CYCLADES

Naoussa Paros, Greece, by Night



::: Caorle (Venice), December 2014

winter sea photos - caorle (venice)



::: Blue, October 2014

Blue Wall



::: Click to enlarge:

  New York, Fifth Avenue Model     Paris - Chantier dans le 10ème     Lignano Sabbiadoro d'inverno     Cyclades, eau transparente, small   



::: In my room, August 2014

Books in my room


::: Liguria, Italy, July 2014

Liguria, the sea in the gulf

Liguria, view from the sea in the gulf



::: Rome, March 2014

Rome, Via Veneto 2014



::: Blue, January 2014

Blue sky, January 2014



::: San Francisco, September 2013

San Francisco - Skyline


::: Self portrait, September 2013



::: In front of Googleplex, September 2013






::: Mediterranean, August 2013






::: Blue, May-June 2013









::: My hand, Mars 2013






::: Guitar playing, July 2012




::: Blue. Mediterranean sea, April-May 2012








::: April 2012

London, mars 2012

From a weekend in London.




::: Blue. December 2011




::: September 2011

my bookshelf, a sunday morning

One of my bookshelfs a sunday morning.




::: August 2011

Cassis. Is not far from that falaise on the left that Antoine de Saint-Exupery died in the morning of july 31 1944, while he was flying with is P-38 Lightning.

Cassis. Is not far from that "falaise" on the left that Antoine de Saint-Exupery died in the morning of July 31 1944, while he was flying with his P-38 Lightning.



Marseille, France. On the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse (Le Corbusier, 1952)


On the rooftop of the "Cité Radieuse" (Le Corbusier, 1952)



Marseille, France. From the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse by Le Corbusier


From the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse




::: February 2011








::: August 2010


Liguria, Italy. Near the port of Genova

Liguria, near the port of Genova




::: May 2010





::: Bologna (Italy)

bologna by night, september 2009

October 2009




bologna, september 2009, town center street

October 2009, a street in the center of Bologna




bologna, september 2006, near the house of Giorgio Morandi


September 2006, view from the flat in Fondazza street, 

where I lived from 2002 to 2007,

just ten meters far to the house

where Master painter Giorgio Morandi lived.





bologna, january 2000, fiera district

january 2000, the Fiera district




::: August 2009

sleeplessness and reading

Sleeplessness and reading. (self-portrait)




::: Istanbul, anatolian side, July 2009

istanbul, anatolian side, july 2009




::: Near Amsterdam Schiphol, June 2009

Near Amsterdam Schiphol, june 2009




::: Paris, june 2009

Paris, a girl walking, june 2009




::: Barcelona, June 2009

Barcelona, morning, june 2009





::: Madrid, June 2009

Madrid, june 2009




::: Highway from Palermo to Catania (Sicily), May 2009

Highway from Palermo to Catania (Sicily), may 2009




::: Capaci (Palermo, Sicily)

Capaci (Palermo), Sicily, may 2009





::: Bucarest, February 2009

Bucarest, february 2009



Cables everywhere in Bucarest, cables also hanging from the trees.




::: Prague, September 2008

Prague, september 2008






::: Bologna, Kebab, September 2008

bologna: mangia kebab




::: Summer 2008




::: Marseille, August 2008



Marsiglia agosto 2008


marsiglia, estate 2008, il cielo del porto vecchio





::: Lubiana, july 2008

Lubiana luglio 2008


Shooting photos along the Ljubljanica river.





::: Bordeaux, April 2008

Bordeaux aprile 2008






::: Sofia, March 2008

sofia, città femmina





::: Liguria, a beach near Genova, end of August 2007

Liguria Riviera di ponente





::: Zacinto Island, August 2007

Zakynthos island, august 2007





Rome, "La notte bianca" (The white night), September 18, 2004

Rome, The white night, september 2004





Atlantic Ocean, Sagres (Portugal), August 2004

Atlantic Ocean, Sagres, Portugal, august 2004

- A water as frozen and transparent as crystal -  




Lyon, France, May 2004

Lyon, France, may 2004





Bologna, a view from Asinelli Tower, May 2004

Bologna, a view from Asinelli Tower, may 2004





Tunisi, a view from Diplomat Hotel, January 2004

Tunisi, january 2004



Tozeur, entrance of Sahara desert, January 2004

Tozeur, entrance of Sahara desert, january 2004



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