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Paolo Ruggiero graduated in Political Sciences at University of Bologna (Italy), with a thesis on Visual communication, and specialized in marketing and digital communication.

From 1997 he has worked for several enterprises as content director, web-marketing and communication manager, copywriter, head of press office and editorial planner.

Member of Journalists' Guild continuously since 2004 (Press Card), he has collaborated with several periodicals as free-lance photographer and journalist, writing mainly about culture, nightlife and free-time.
In 2020 he published his first Novel, La grande stagione (The Great Season), with Castelvecchi Publisher (Rome).

  • «I like Mediterranean sea and its islands. Clear sky. Espresso coffee at dawn. The night and its lights.
  • I like also to fly. Bill Evans improvisation. Almost every note of Miles Davis and his friends (up to '75). Girls who love to laugh.
  • Pages where each word is just necessary. Contemporary literature and art. New trends in advertising and communication in general.
  • I believe that having a photographic sight helps to find accuracy and synthesis also in writing».

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