A surprising Debut Novel


             «Bologna's nightlife today, at its best. Milan.

             A Paris out of stereotypes, as it had not yet been described.

             The exciting light of Greece in May.


                          A clear and introspective, almost photographic writing. 

                          A percussive and magnetic novel»




Italian contemporary literature - The great season novel cover


the great season novel back cover



Editor: Castelvecchi


Year: 2020


Series: Narrative


Pages: 314





«It is not yet summer, but from the quality of the light I understand that it is precisely in this point of the planet and the Aegean Sea, in this part of the archipelago that the last veil is removed.

The light spectrum radiates even sharper, auroral, the light makes its way even in the thickness of the objects, revealing a transparency, an interior that I had not yet seen»




The Master's degree finally obtained marks the end of Livio's university season, but Bologna seems to want to hold him back, more generous than ever of parties and night adventures.

The first employment contract is followed by a transfer, a feverish period in Paris and, after an abrupt interruption, the departure for a secluded island in the Cyclades.

Urban nights experienced with some girlfriends dictate the rhythm of the story, alternating with the memories and searching for the cause of the flight accident in which Livio lost his father, a pilot.

Together with girls, the protagonists of the novel are the places, narrated through a clean writing and clear, almost photographic perspectives:


Bologna, the Adriatic, Paris and "K", the tiny island in the Aegean where Livio is again pervaded by an exciting confidence in the future, in a new Great Season.

A percussive and magnetic Novel.


(From the back cover)


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