Aftersummer. An exploration of Adriatic Sea resorts

A photographic trip on the Adriatic Coast after the summer.

From Trieste to Riccione.


Walking on streets and lunar beaches never seen before.

Full of tourists in summer. Theatrically desolate landscapes after the Holiday Season.

Updated on Winter 2019


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 Lignano Pineta, winter sea    Lignano Pineta lunar landscape    Desert beach at Lignano Pineta    Gas Station Jesolo, Adriatic Resorts on Winter    riccione adriatic beach on winter    Going to Lignano on Winter    Lignano Riviera winter beach 



 Lignano Pineta, desert beach    Ravenna beaches on winter - Landscape photography    Eraclea, beach on winter    riccione architectures on winter    Lignano Pineta, beach by night on winter    Casalborsetti Adriatic Coast    Lignano Pineta, desert sand beach



 Bibione, empty places   Lignano Sabbiadoro after summer    lido di savio on winter by night    Winter sea photos - Lignano Pineta by night    Bibione on winter    Eraclea, the beaches on winter    viserbella on winter 



 Lignano Pineta, by night beaches    Lignano Pineta, desert landscape    Bibione, desert winter parking    Eraclea, winter beaches   Jesolo, Sala Giochi    Jesolo pines    Jesolo neon lights 



 Driving by night Adriatic Coast    Bibione Pineda by night    Lignano Sabbiadoro winter night    Eraclea Mare on winter    Lidi di Ravenna, Adriatic on Winter    Blue crosswalks    Adriatic Skyscrapers



 lido degli estensi trees on winter    abandoned manholes    abandoned gardens    jesolo tristissimi giardini    new adriatic architectures    new constructions jesolo    old adriatic flats, jesolo



 old sea flats, jesolo    torre pedrera rimini on winter    uninhabited buildings    sand storms, lignano    desert roads, cervia    desert adriatic roads, cervia    lignano sabbiadoro terrazza a mare by night 



  punta sabbioni (venice) by night    lido di savio bridge    adriatic landscape, lido di savio    sea landscape, lido di savio    porto corsini fishers on winter    advertising panels in romagna    torre pedrera rimini winter beach  



 lido di classe sand beach    lignano pineta by night sea    lignano pineta fullmoon    Ravenna Porto Corsini Industrial     Driving to the sea on winter, Rimini    Going to Viserbella, Rimini    Rimini, wind on the winter beach 



Caorle, near Venice, winter sea    Cesenatico, desert beach and architecture    Bibione, a desert parking landscape    Bibione, desert night landscape    Lignano, beach architectures on winter    Lignano Darsena by night    Eraclea, near Venice, desert beaches



Lignano Sabbiadoro nebbia 02    Riccione, winter hotel 02    Riccione blue and tree 02    Garage in Riccione 02     Rimini waterfront 02    Rimini by night 02    le finestre di rimini 02



Bellaria Igea Marina Adriatic on Winter    Milano Marittima Adriatic on Winter    Milano Marittima beaches on winter    Gatteo a Mare on winter    Cesenatico on Winter    Cesenatico Viale Carducci on winter    Adriatic Architectures - Lido Adriano



Bellaria Igea Marina Adriatic on Winter    Milano Marittima Adriatic on Winter    Milano Marittima beaches on winter    Gatteo a Mare on winter    Cesenatico on Winter    Cesenatico Viale Carducci on winter    Adriatic Architectures - Lido Adriano



Lido di Spina on winter    Lido di spina winter fog    Lidi di Comacchio on winter    Winter sea at Lido di Spina    Lido di Spina during winter    Lido di Spina - the winter sea    Winter beaches - Lido di Classe



torre pedrera gardens on winter    Viserbella - Rimini - Winter beaches    Torre Pedrera - Rimini - Winter beaches    Caorle, near Venice, lunar beaches    Misano, Mirabilandia park on winter    Lido di Spina sea on winter    jesolo buildings beach winter



 Lignano, empty streets on winter    rimini beach palms small    Rimini during winter    adriatic streets, romagna    Winter sea photos - Jesolo    near ravenna on winter    An old fuel station on Italy 



 Fuel station sea resorts - Bibione    Gas Station going to the Sea    rimini on winter by night    Neon lights at Cervia, Romagna    Riccione on winter closed hotels    lido degli scacchi winter beach    Lignano Pineta, skyscrapers 



 Lignano Sabbiadoro by night - winter    Lignano Sabbiadoro Darsena on winter    Abandoned architectures near the sea    lido degli scacchi winter buildings    A rc plane flying near the sea - Marina di Ravenna    lignano 5 marzo 1998    marina di ravenna dicembre 2002



 riccione empty on winter     riccione winter landscapes    Bibione, parking on winter    Lignano Pineta, windy trees    grado, open sea on winter    Grado by night on winter    lignano febbraio 2001








Post-atomic Winter Sea



These photo sessions usually start at dawn, when I left Bologna by car and I drive alone to resorts on Italy's Adriatic coast, full of tourists in summer, theatrically desolate landscapes in autumn and winter.

I park the car, then I start to walk.

I usually find my images by foot, walking streets I've never seen before, although these seaside resorts, adapted for tourist use since the 1960s, are often very similar to each other.

When I have defined my area of interest, I search for an "empathy" between me and the signs complexity

I see in the camera, that I try to deconstruct and reduce to primary structures, as it has been created, recently superimposed by humans to these natural landscapes.

This empathy is not a "decisive moment", just my fine-tuning the places and spaces I decide to photograph.

It's a process that can take a lot of time before the shot.

I'm fascinated by the hint of a human presence or the contrast between "small" human silhouettes and a large landscape, and by the typical architectural codes of these towns.



Since 1995



The astonishment of a photographer who suddenly finds himself observed,

interrogated by brazen spaces and settings, surprising and mocking. 

"In that desolate setting, under that pastel washed sky, every small detail appears and flows in a way that I have never seen before:

clearer, more obvious, questioning."


The locations, from North to South:


Trieste, Grado, Latisana, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano Pineta, Lignano Riviera, Bibione, Bibione Pineda, Caorle, Eraclea Mare, Jesolo, Lido di Jesolo, Litorale del Cavallino, Punta Sabbioni, Lido di Volano, Lido di Pomposa, Lido di Spina, Casalborsetti, Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina, Lido Adriano, Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio, Milano Marittima, Cervia, Pinarella, Cesenatico, Bellaria, Igea Marina, Torre Pedrera, Viserbella, Viserba, Rimini, Riccione.



from Trieste to Riccione


"Here in a few minutes you browse 100 photographs, and others will be added.

But you do not know (or maybe you can imagine), how many miles, how many trips, how many Fujicolor films (the early years) ...

How many photographs discarded, too, that one day I'd like to see them all together on a wall.

Driving towards the Riviera during the not touristic season, even during university years, on winter, on early spring, was a way to clear the mind, to breathe in iodized air before an exam,

to walk for miles onto the elastic sand, looking always far to the horizon.

You do not know (or maybe yes) how can change the ideas the little action to take a strong coffee in a empty bar in Pinarella, or Lido di Classe or in Cervia,

in that beautiful Coast out of season..."


Some of the Masters that since the '90s have inspired me on this journey, and from which I then tried other paths and a fine focus in my exploring these places and their photographic representation:

Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, Luigi Ghirri, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Olivo Barbieri, William Eggleston, Lewis Baltz, Ugo Mulas, Guido Guidi, Mario Cresci, Paola De Pietri, René Burri, Andreas Gursky, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Roberto Koch, Richard Misrach, Thomas Struth, Nino Migliori, Mimmo Jodice, Jeff Brouws, Franco Vaccari...



"There was the continuous murmur of the wind scattering his simultaneous uniform music on the beach, a sound without interruption, tense, sometimes just modulated by the volume of air moved, the obstacle encountered. A third hand flapping in the sea air, made of cloth and torn tissues consumed that the wind shakes, the salt thickened ... "

Dario Voltolini, Under the skies of Italy



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